What is your Hunter Strategy?

Let February be a month of practicing intentional acts of love and kindness to yourself and those around you.

Have you ever felt a strong urge to want to attain a specific dream? It’s like God laid a certain word into your heart and whatever you do you just can’t shake it off. You not sure how you’re meant to do it , might feel under resourced or that you are not ready to carry out what has been given to you. The mere thought of it overwhelms you.

If we being honest, fear can make you feel that sometimes God is trying to set you up for failure. You sit and think to yourself ; ‘God really thinks tiny old me can open up that business, run the community centre that will change a neighbourhood , be the best to ever do it in their field, maybe God choose wrong ‘.

The thing with fear it changes your appetite and makes you long for things that won’t nourish you. So you fill up on insecurity and self doubt and the word remains stuck inside of you with no way to get out. You become complacent all of sudden just floating a drift. I’m here to tell you No More.

It’s time to change the narrative.

There once was a time when we were all fearless and full of passion. Before I had the blog I wrote often in my personal capacity and then ventured into Tumblr and that was sort of my preparation to get here. There are bigger things I want to achieve with what I’ve begun that will come to fruition when the opportunity arises. But like mentioned in my very first blog post fear kept from beginning this blog for over a year, I thought I wasn’t ready but I was feeding my mind and soul on the wrong things and now almost 2 years later I’m in awe of what it’s become.

There are three basic components to it all:

1.The word that has been placed in your heart (that needs to come out of YOU).

2. The preparation (what you do and what God puts you through to get you ready).

3. The opportunity (where your preparation meets the the word).

The moment a word has been placed in your heart and you become aware of it, you automatically enter preparation season but how you keep strong and nourished is up to you. You are always in preparation mode until you meet your opportunity.

Pastor Sarah Jakes once highlighted in a sermon titled, ‘I ate before I got here’ that through destruction there is deliverance. The situations where you almost felt you were done with life (destruction) were preparing you for the deliverance (the final goal being achieved). However, we are so busy mourning the destruction we forget to ask what it was meant to teach us in order to be delivered.

I’m guilty of doing this. I reflect over situations and cry over the hurt and pain caused but overlook what lesson I was meant to learn so I can use it for the future. In order to get through destructive moments your soul needs to remain well fed: “Are rooted in prayer & the word of God? Do you still have a relationship with your higher power? Are you nourishing yourself well?”

Remember God can put a word in your heart but if you are not doing your part someone else will be called to fulfill what you couldn’t.

You are a word.God spoke a word and you came into existence.You are lethal

Stay ready so that you don’t have to get ready’.