We are a day away from saying goodbye to January. How are things going on your side? Have you found your footing yet or are you waiting for the 1st of Feb to come around so you can officially begin your year? I see January as a free 31 day subscription for trial and error to take place. You’re finding yourself, still tying up loose ends from the previous year whilst trying to figure out how you’d like to tackle the new year.
This month has been filled with minimal stress, some errors but definitely consistent work to build a schedule I’d like to upkeep for the year.

‘so far ,so good’.

To be completely honest it took me about 2 weeks or so before I actually sat down and put together my ‘vision board’. I am a big fan of writing my goals down but vision boards absolutely overwhelm me and at first I didn’t get way cause I love being creative and mixing things up until I had a lovely night of introspection (self -realization is the most important tool to have in your box) and it hit me that for over 5 years I have found it extremely hard to fully imagine my dreams. Like I couldn’t actually see myself in the dream car I want or the beautiful home I’d love to have or the community centres I’d want to run.

The loss of my father 6 years ago didn’t get me excited about the future and I slowly just drifted into living day by day without thinking of what I am working towards or what I want to gain out of life. I just wanted to stay afloat and I did but something sort of felt different after my quarter life crisis. I wanted to at least work towards things I spoke about owning and doing when I was still enthusiastic about life. I started off small by having monthly goals and this became easy after some time because I could use words to conceptualise the idea but I still couldn’t actually see it.

Like, you know when you close your eyes in meditation and they tell you to think of yourself walking across the beach, hearing the sound of the ocean and stopping to witness a beautiful sunset (or whatever is described at that moment) I kind of fail dismally at picturing these things. I can sometimes get 50% of the image but never myself in it and I that’s how I would see me living out my dreams. I could kind of see the dream but not me in it.

So I needed to know if I am weird but turns out this is a completely normal it’s called ‘Aphantasia’.

The term ‘aphantasia’ comes from the Greek words a, meaning “without”, and phantasia, meaning “a capacity to form mental images”.

The phenomenon was first described by the controversial psychologist Francis Galton – one of the pioneers of eugenics – in 1880.

An aphantasic may have a visual memory which means they may be able to describe in detail about how things looked –even though they cannot see these very images in their mind’s eye.

How to know if you possibly have aphantasia:

  • You cannot recall images when prompted.
  • Other aspects of your memory are not good.
  • You have trouble recognizing faces.

So basically I was having an aphantasia problem but with my life goals. If you asked me where I’d see myself in a year or 5 years the convo got pretty quiet and tense…cause yikes, I didn’t see that far in the future. But when 2020 came swooping in with its breath of fresh air I had to try and change that and in order to make big changes you need to start small.

I have for the first time created goals and things I would like to manifest throughout 2020 (AND THE CROWD CHEERS) but like I said baby steps…so my vision board doesn’t have pictures (maybe a little disappointing but not surprising).

I know its overwhelming placing anything on paper cause first of all where do you even begin and secondly it makes it all the more permanent and nobody likes the idea of potentially staring failure in the face but this is the year TO PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. If it doesn’t work out then it doesn’t and we keep on moving.

So, here is my mini guide to a visualizing your year:

  • Write down the main areas of your life that affect you daily: Health, spirituality, school/work, finances, side hobbies, materialistic wants and needs.
  • Write down what you hoping to achieve in each group you’ve jotted down. This is the big main goal.
  • Push yourself to think of Immediate goals (3 months), mid year goals (6 months) and the overall year goal.
  • Add a wild card category. Something you’ve always wanted to do /try out but kept putting it off.
  • Get yourself the needed material to create your visual word / picture board.
  • Put it in a place you can see daily (I have made mine my phone screen saver).

How to practically implement your visual board:

  • Keep to having monthly goals that tie into your visual board categories.
  • Have daily/ weekly to-do lists that will make sure you achieve your monthly goals.
  • Your monthly goals must work in accordance to what you set yourself in your immediate/ mid year and year goals.
  • Make changes to your vision board as you see fit. You change so much in a span of a year that what you write down in January may not be where you are in June . Leave room for change to take place.
  • Be accountable to yourself, all this that you are doing is honestly for you.
  • If you want have a buddy that you can talk to about your wins, losses and maybe even share how to tackle goals differently or journal consistently. A clear mind is the best way to think things through.

NB: Reset. Be kind to yourself and have fun with it.

Let’s kick aphantasia ass!