2020 & We Love To See It!

Compliments of the New Year!
May 2020 be what rain feels like after a long time of experiencing a heat wave. May it be refreshing! I also hope it symbolizes rebirth and renewal in your life.


I love the hope that fills the air when a new year is just about to begin. Most people spend time reflecting on the year that was but most importantly they plan for the year ahead. That is exactly what I did as we called an end to a decade. I spent the week before reflecting and writing down exactly how I felt about the situations I went through in 2019 (I really want to call it the year that has no name, it was that terrible) and slowly prepared myself for 2020.

I entered the year exactly how I wanted with family, a prayer and time to myself to write down what I want to be released from in 2020 and what I want to be released into. It’s important to note that I was at peace and it felt so amazing, to be still and present in the moment.

I am not going to sit here and say 2020 is going to be my year instead I will say that 2019’s battles have prepared me for the year and years ahead. I feel more confident in myself as a person and I trust that I can handle all that comes my way and more importantly I open myself up to good things as well.

The old is gone and the new has come.


So where is my mindset for this new year? Honestly I just want to ‘keep it simple stupid’ and ‘reset’. I want to take things as they come and realise that I can step back when I need to and think things through or distance myself from a situation until I am ready to deal with it. It’s time to do things at my pace and enjoy my life again.

I also see this part of life as a progressive revelation. Pastor Steven Furtrick briefly touched on it so I looked it up a bit more and here is a basic definition:

God gradually revealed truths over long intervals according to their needs, and at a rate slow enough that human were capable of fully absorbing them.

I feel I have entered a stage in my life that will help lead me or at least give me a glimpse to what my purpose is. I am in progressive revelation in all aspects of my life. During this time I promised myself to journal daily and spend time with my creator. The idea of centering myself feels very important to me lately and these two help me with that.

I don’t want to drill the idea that I hope you have your goals written down and a plan on how to smash them instead I want you to focus on getting the foundation right again. Have you done a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical check up on yourself? Are you aware of exactly where you are and are you confronting it?

Being aware of where you are and working on the basics to fix your foundation will take you way further. Take the time to reflect and be real with yourself. There is no rush!

You are important. Your well-being matters. You matter.


This is what I wish for you in 2020; that you grow more into yourself and create a kind space for yourself while going through the motions.
I hope you smile more and find the essence of joy.
May love be something you know completely for yourself first before it flows unto others.
The demons are still there but I hope the strength to deal with them is what you gain to at least face them if not destroy them.

You’ve held your breath in for so long, 2020 is the year to breathe again.

Love T.I.N:


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