Brain Freeze

I had planned for this blog post to go up yesterday and then it hit me I am suffering from exactly what I’m writing about mental & emotional fatigue.

Between an all-consuming job and trying to stay consistent with the blog while having a decent social life and other ventures I’m busy doing honestly there is no time for my brain to switch off.

About two weeks ago I started getting into energy drinks again would pop at least 3 500ml’s in a week at that time I simply just took it for needing more energy but after a friend of mine asked I write about mental fatigue, reading up on it made me realize that this is what I’m going through.

I have zero to no energy almost daily and to be honest the only genuine solution I see to all of this is time out (A GIRL NEEDS A DAMN BREAK).

But welcome to adulting where breaks don’t exist unless you take leave so we pretty much need to find mini daily solutions to help us cope until then.

What’s worse is almost everyone around me has the same sentiments, I also guess year-end fatigue has caught up to us and December is looking a little too far…

So before we all label ourselves as being mentally fatigued thought we should take a look at the different words we tend to overuse a lot and see where you might fit in;


Now you have a clearer understanding of normal stress, mental fatigue and emotional fatigue you might be able to identify where you fit in.

If you still not sure here are some signs experts say you can look out for when it comes primarily to mental fatigue:


I read up a bit regarding how we could combat fatigue so that we at least make it to the end of the year with our sanity in place:


I’m going to add my own tips that you could try out:

1. If you are in a working environment and tasks seem to be overwhelming find someone in the office you can trust to vent too but also who might be able to assist you from time to if it’s possible. Having someone you can talk to might not take away the amount of work you must do but you could feel better after talking about it and they might offer you practical solutions.

2. I’m aware most students are writing exams at this time, be realistic with what work you must cover versus the time you have. Invest in looking at past papers to give you an idea of what to look out for. Have study groups , maybe someone has made notes on what you haven’t covered yet share with each. Spend time on new work you don’t understand so well seeing as the other work will be easier to revise. Be in a conducive study area. And only pull all-nighters if you are used to don’t start something now that won’t be sustainable for you.

3. Say no: even if you really want to do something are you truly able to do it and do it well? If not say no.

4. Watch what you consume: junk food is so satisfying when you under stress but it’s not doing much for our energy levels, try to eat healthily.

5. Unwind when you can: switch your phone off for an hour or two and just let yourself relax, replenish where you can or otherwise your body will shut down.

6. Jot down the tasks or goals you still want to achieve this year and a work plan of how you can attain them and if you want to be pedantic the days you want to focus on them. This way you don’t have things floating around in your head stressing you out more.


I found a great animated video explaining mental exhaustion and I enjoyed watching it, maybe you will too:

The Closest Feeling to Death that isn’t Death


Despite what how you feel right now you can complete what you started.

Yes you are TIRED and it’s valid to feel this way but take a day to recharge yourself and focus on what needs to be done.

You will thank yourself when this year ends.

Giving you a big warm hug.

Love TIN

love you