Hello, 26! :)

Hello, lovebugs 🙂

A few days ago I turned the ripened age of 26 and I thought I’d do a blog post but changed my mind, instead, I hit the social media streets and asked for someone to make me a birthday mix and the universe answered.

I remember coming across a link for a mix a DJ posted, played it and I think I tweeted them around 5 times cause I loved their mix so much now a few months later and I have the honor to have the phenomenal woman on my blog with a mix specially made for my birthday (love the universe).

I also got to find out a bit more about her DJ journey and how she got it into, so without wasting any more time here is more on @Kat_upendi:

Upendi, derived from the word ‘Upendo’ which means love in Swahili. While I’m not Swahili, I felt very drawn to the word when I heard it in the second sequel of the Lion King, Simba’s Pride. Upendi was the place Kiara and Kovu was taken by Rafiki to enjoy a picnic and they fell in love. I searched the word ‘Upendi’ and then found out its meaning and origin and have since adopted the word as an alias.

Music has always played a major role in my life, from learning many different instruments, growing up, to spending nights in my room looking for new tracks to upload to my iPod.

My favorite thing about music has always been its ability to evoke emotions in its listeners, which is why DJing appealed to me. Being able to curate the mood of a room by selecting sounds that blend well together and create an entire experience for the crowd feels like a superpower.

Through the music I select and play, amongst getting the crowd to dance, the goal is always to spread love and happiness amongst those who are listening.

Enjoy this mix. With love, Kat Upendi

Please follow her on the socials:

Twitter: @Kat_Upendi

Link: soundcloud.com/katluvzuuu

Follow her fun and interesting twitter related to Food Science @Kat_FoodGeek


Link to the amazing mix dedicated to me growing a year older:




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