Welcome to the new season where we see things bloom and come to fruition.

And PS: I am happy you are still here.

I want to spend a bit of time reflecting as we are not only entering a new month but also into the lovely season of spring.

Is your life entering spring?

Are you ready to see things bloom?

The past few months have emotionally been dark. Yes there were seem good moments but the feeling of this was all too much, the darkness felt like a leech just stuck to me. But I love what a new season and month does it brings a sense of hope for a fresh start. It allows hope to creep back into your heart again and you feel ready to want try again.

So I ask once more…is your life entering spring?

Is it possible to look at the dark moments and think of ourselves as sees being planted in the soil. You get nourished with water and the nutrient the soil has to offer (don’t forget you are still in complete darkness yet work is still being done). Roots are being established and to the world and maybe even yourself are not aware of this yet. You might be wondering ; “Why am I being rejected?” “Why are my plans not coming together?” ” Why do I feel so down and out?”

You’ve been in the dark but each situation is feeding you. Helping you grow, making you stonger and helping your establish your roots. Yes it’s been a painful process, a lonely one and I’m pretty sure confusing too but ITS TIME TO BLOOM.

So for example, you were let down one more time b a person you loved and had to let the go but in blooming season we that as lesson in establishing personal boundaries and realising that you know your worth and are capable of being patient and giving others a chance despite themselves.

I want blooming season to be practical for us. I want us to genuinely see where our plants are beginning to sprout and to also be aware of the seed that are still buried.

Let’s use September to please find timeto figure out what is blooming and feed it all it needs to grow stronger. The roots have already been etablished so now it’s time for you and the world to enjoy the beauty of it.

I challenge you to sit down every sudna and look at a situation that has seemed dark for you and look at with a fresh perspective. What has bloomed for me through this? What good has come from it? Has it served you in anyway? Be truthful to yourself. I want this exercise to teach us to look for the silver lining. It’s the one way life can remain bearable for us.

My true wish for us all is to work towards finding joy and eventually smilig more.

Let the internal work reflect externally.

Press play : SBTRKT_Hold On



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