Time to take out the trash!

Hello Everybody 👋🏾

We have made it into a new month (thank the universe).

How was July for you guys? I can’t even lie July came with so much unnecessary drama, physical ailments and letting go of close relations. Honestly, it wasn’t the energy I wanted at all but I’m truly glad it’s over.

This past week I’ve been having this ‘fairy-like buzz’ in me, this feeling of things are going to be better in August. August is already a tough month as it’s the birthday of my late grandfather but for some odd reason I can’t shake off that things are going to be good.

I just want one decent month cause 2019 has not been the girl I thought she’d be…AT ALL!


This is not another how to set goals for August type of post nope I’ve done a lot of those, this time around we will be looking at detoxing our life.

Cleaning out the mess from all aspects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We are going to give ourselves as new a slate to work with and continue to build on that from here on end.

I’m sure you’ve done health detoxes and they can work wonders! You feel fresh and light and you also subconsciously want to start making better decisions but what about your life? Are you just piling up on old dirt and trying to make it better or have you taken the time to actually clean things out and start afresh?

This process is not going to happen in just a month if I’m being honest I want this to be an 8-week challenge.

Each week we focus on a specific area of our lives and TRY our best to de-clutter it.


My hope is that we will feel lighter in general and have a clearer sense of what we need in our lives and what we should get rid of.

Okay now for the big news…I am excited to introduce my first workbook (did this baby myself). I have decided to make things easy for you, all you need to is download it and start working on making yourself and your life better.

I will be documenting my journey using the workbook as well and will, my experiences with you with once the month ends. I will create a different type for September so, for now, lets clean up our lives this August.


Download this file: BARE20 August



4 Comments Add yours

  1. maatla tshimologo says:

    looking foward to trying this 🙂


    1. Thando says:

      Hey Maatla, I hope it helps and I’d love your feedback on what I can improve for the September workbook


  2. That’s a good and really well made spreadsheet. I’m not sure if I’m up for it for August but definitely am excited to see your progress. All the best for August!


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