“This is your one and only life. What do you want to tell people about it?”

Growing up, I was not spoilt with strong female role models. With only a few notable women to look up to, I always knew I would have to step up and stand out.

However, even with my perceived success, I still find it difficult to identify myself as one of those women; strong and bold. Regardless, people still ask how it is that I get it right. And while it has always been easier to simply shy away from that conversation, I’ve had to learn to engage it because I have young men and women who look to me for answers and guidance.

My life has not been without struggles and mountains to conquer. With my parents’ divorce, my world shifted at a tender age. Having once had a happy, and loving home, I was thrust into custody battles and scheduling court-mandated. visits. This marriage which once brought two families together no longer existed and several relationships were never the same again. I soon learned that my peers were facing the same struggles, and suddenly, this once major ordeal become rather normal. Nonetheless, it wasn’t a pleasant experience and I would never wish it upon my worst enemy.

I knew I wanted to study Hospitality when I was in grade 9. I would watch my mom cater to her friend’s parties or my dad’s society meetings and then you get my aunt, who resigned from work and established her own hospitality empire. And even when I matriculated, it was still my first option and I haven’t looked back.

Starting Elegant Edge was probably one of the easiest decisions I’ve made in my life. It’s the one thing that I’m so good at, no one can come at me and say I’m bad at it. Although I don’t identify myself as successful yet, I always receive questions as to how am I making it work.

And here’s how…

I believe in myself and have the greatest support system anyone could ever ask for, whenever I feel like I’m losing the plot, I go back to the drawing board.

Without a mandate and a root cause, the company stagnates. Find a root cause and implement a corrective strategy.

Most importantly, do not take short cuts. As humans, we crave success so much and so quickly that we try to reach it unrealistically. We want to reach level 10, forgetting that we have to start with going from level Zero to level 1 until we get to 10. And I think that’s why many businesses or people fail at reaching their objectives. At the end of the day, somewhere along the line, you’re going to fall a few steps. But the mistake we do is we want to go back to the level that we were at without redoing the levels that we need to do in order to get back on our feet, where we were. And that’s why as people, we struggle with failure or falling so much. And failure isn’t something that started with you. It started years ago before you were even born. My point is don’t be afraid to fall or fail. Get back up look at the steps you may have possibly missed

If you learn anything from my story, I hope it will be this:

There is a role model for you. There’s a strong, resilient person in you and while not particularly pleasant, hardship tends to be the best way to cultivate and realize that potential; it is from our struggles that we get to learn more about ourselves, and our intended journey – it is through our struggles that we find our magic for sometimes, our best growth tends to come from the watering of the cheeks.

   In the words of Frank Ocean:

You are beautiful and you are young. You deserve to have the best in life.

Written by :
Reatile Lekaota


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  1. I wish you nothing but success and abundance over your business. From what I read it is obvious that you’re very dedicated to what you do. You definitely came out on the other side of your parents divorce and you’re flourishing.

    I loved this line “it is through our struggles that we find our magic for sometimes, our best growth tends to come from the watering of the cheeks”.
    All the best!

    Jenna xoxo

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