Dummies guide to goal setting

WELCOME TO THE SECOND HALF 0F 2019! (crowd cheers).

You have successfully made to this point, probably had some great and pretty bad moments but nonetheless you still here…but don’t you want to the make the second half of the year better? I mean instead of just going through the motions, don’t you want to have one thing achieved at least? If yes then stick with me as we do a dummies guide to goal setting.

We have probably all done goal planning and somehow halfway through forgot we even had a list of things next thing you know its been 2 months and you still haven’t gone to the gym even thou you promised yourself you would go 4 times a week…


I genuinely get easily discouraged when I look at a list of things I should have done and not even one thing is close to fruition this quickly changes my life mood to just try to stay alive and the universe will take care of the rest but since April I have been jotting down my goals and have achieved at least 80% of them.


Shocked? so was I but it made me realise that yikes this planning parts of your life thing can actually work if you keep it simple, tangible and true to who you are.

Last night I prepared my July goals and also  did a 3-month review of the 2nd quarter of the year, it honestly was great to see how much I actually achieved but I also found loopholes in my system and I will share it with you later in the post but for now, let us get you started:


  1. Get a piece of paper and stationery: Okay so I am pretty old school in the sense I like to write things down and make things feel tangible to me. I have used apps before and will find myself all over social media instead of typing my goals and seeing what I could do in the upcoming week. Writing it down and putting it in a place I can see daily serves as a great reminder and also it’s great to scratch off more thing making me feel accomplished.20190703_112437 (2)
  2. Set aside a reminder: Once a week finds time to sit down and take a look at what you set for the month and to prepare for the week. Do this every week, make it a priority. Set alarms, if you need to,  KEEP YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE.
  3. Time to start writing: Categorizing my life goals makes things so simple. I have my goals broken down into the following: Finances, job hunting, blog work, fitness, mental health, spiritual health, education, hobbies just to name a few. You know what you need to do every month, write that down then add what you want to do after that.20190702_212431
  4. So what do I want to achieve?: This is the most important question you should ask yourself. This will help you know what really want to do. So next to your category make a column for what you want to achieve. EG:

Fitness: I want to run 5kms at the end of the month.

Finances: I want to open up a new bank account for a rainy day and save 5% of my current earnings.

Education: Do an online course in line with a passion.

5.Timeline: Now that you have set your monthly goal break it down into small realistic weekly goals. This is so crucial. It will help you prepare your weekly schedule and you can even set reminders on your phone so you don’t forget and get annoyed at yourself for misusing another week. EG:

Fitness: I want to run 5kms at the end of the month.

Week 1: Run 1.5Kms 5 times a week. Download running app and set time and days.

Week 2: Run 2,5 Kms, 5 times a week. Set Time and Dates.

Week 3: Run 3,5 Kms for 4 Days on the 5th Day run 4kms. Set time and dates

Week 4: Run 4kms for 3 Days and 5kms for 2 days. Set time and dates.

Finances: I want to open up a new bank account for a rainy day and save 5% of my current earnings.

Week 1: Calculate what 5% of earnings is and keep it aside.

Week 2: Research on banks and interest rates and different plans by the end of the week compare and choose.

Week 3: Set a date to go open account and deposit money.

Week 4: Set the date for when you will deposit money into your account using your app.

Education: Do an online course in line with a passion.

Week 1: Look at places I can do online courses and my budget.

Week 2: Check the courses offered in accordance to what you want and the time required for it.

Week 3: Make a choice and plan your time for it.

Week 4: Pay for the course and do it. (side note there are free courses you can do on the net just google).

6. Check-in: So you have your weekly goals set and you have all the reminders you need. Now its time to check in and see if you were able to do what you needed and also move things around if there seems to be a clash in your planning.

7. WHY?:  It’s very important you ask yourself why you are doing all this. Besides the fact that it could just be you need to adult better is there a long term goal you are working towards. This is the part I realised I needed, yes every month I am scratching off things and seeing myself finish off projects but for what reason. Find the bigger picture for each category you have, write down two lines on what it is and a future date to when you want it to all tie in.

We can all set goals but we lack a PLAN OF ACTION to make them happen. Prepare, prepare and prepare! Yes, life will come in and derail you from your course of action but that shouldn’t discourage you or make you feel like what you are doing is not worth it. It’s worth it and slowly but surely it will make sense. If you want to you can get an accountability partner this can be someone who also wants to make changes just like you or a mentor of sorts, this way you can talk to someone about your losses and wins and get some motivation when you need it most.

Rome was not built in a day so don’t expect to get your life together in one as well.

I truly wish you all a kick ass 6 months from here on end. You are valid, your dreams are valid and YOU CAN DO  THIS!




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