So this is is not going to be the magic guide solution on how to drop a dress size but I will be sharing a few tips on how I got smaller and how I have maintained it.

So let’s get right into it shall we :

  1. The Why: I need you to really answer why you want to lose weight. Is it for health reasons? Are you looking to be Instagram ready for your next holiday? Or maybe you’ve realised it helps you feel better emotionally and mentally. My, why was pretty simple. I was home, unemployed and I needed a routine of sorts something that I could look forward to doing and that became working out and obviously, I was trying to look better and feel better.
  2. Plan your workouts: I know it sounds tedious but I am an old school baby. I prefer writing out my workouts on a calendar and placing it on a wall. Seeing it daily and scratching of each day makes me feel accomplished. This also helps you keep track of your progress and motivates you to keep going.
    April workout and eating schedule/
    June workout schedule (so far).
    May workout schedule (haha clearly not much happened here).
  3. Dear Journal: If this is the first time working out or you haven’t done this in a while then I suggest you document your experiences. Set aside 30 min or so to write down how you felt on that day, what you hoped to accomplish in your workout and how it made you feel. (The mental and physical go together).
  4. EAT BETTER: I know you might be tired of hearing this but my goodness, feed your body with the right nutrients. I actually suggest a few weeks of eating clean before your workout, I promise you will see the results and feel better. During my workout routine, I was on the Daniel FAST this was also tied it to it being Lent so I dedicated myself to the cause wholeheartedly. I had been researching different lifestyle choices eg; Keto diet or Intermittent Fasting(IF). I was scared of getting Keto flu and I had already been doing IF so I wanted something that would allow me to eat and feel full whilst giving me enough energy to successfully complete workouts. My current eating habit does have sugar and other goodies but all in moderation now.
  5. Water: DRINK YOUR WATER! Set alarms if you need to but my goodness could you just consume more H2O!
  6. DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE: The only way you will stick to working out is if you explore all kinds of options and find out what you like. I enjoy cardio kickboxing a lot, so I would stream youtube workouts that incorporated this but from the end of March to the beginning of May, I discovered jump rope. I enjoyed this as a child and thought if there was a way to make this a full-on cardio workout and thank goodness for apps that constantly being developed I found something that would challenge me and make me enjoy it. I have currently switched to running, it hasn’t been a week yet but I am enjoying it a lot.
    Twitter Daily posts of my workouts
    Running App

  7. REST: Rest days are so important. I would feel so guilty for not working out on days I actually needed to rest but it is very important to take a day or two off. Give your body time to adjust and treat yourself as well. You deserve it.
  8. Take pictures: I know this sounds vain but I promise you the scale can lie but pictures don’t. It will be easy to see the difference in your body as weeks pass by.
  9. Social media is your friend: The minute I began my workout journey in March I would post about it daily on Twitter. This helped a lot and also I found that other people were interested as well in what I was doing. So if you looking for an accountability partner they could literally be one post away.

I am happy with the results I got after following a strict eating and workout regime for about two months. I lost a dress size and let me tell you that made me so, so happy! I had to stop jump roping as I developed boils in both my underarms and it got really painful to do anything physical. Let me tell you, nothing is cute about having boils. I remember crying in the shower one day cause I had this huge thing that was causing me discomfort and pain, I hated it. Once I eventually got better I ended moving back up to Joburg for an internship and my hours didn’t seem to allow me working out during the week.


I am currently dedicating my time to running in the evenings at least 3KMs and on weekends I do morning runs. I am still very aware of what I eat and of my water consumption hence why I was able to maintain the weight loss. Emotionally and mentally things have been terrible so I’m hoping this will help me out a bit more in those departments.

PS: Never overwhelm yourself. Start off slowly and aim to make it a lifestyle rather then a get slim quick fad, your body will thank you later.

I would love for you to share your tips on how you maintained your weight loss or perhaps how you’ve gotten back on the bandwagon after a long break.



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