Sitting in the lap of God.

My name is Nthabiseng and those who know me from when I had my thumb in my mouth call me Putshu, these days I go by Nthabi because apparently, Nthabiseng (one of the most common names in South Africa) is very difficult for the Asian dialect. I currently live in the beautiful Beijing as a foreign Expat, to how I got to be here and everything else that has happened in my life thus far is solely based on the daily mantra below:

‘ When you move in your light, the universe responds accordingly’

I am a big believer in being connected to the higher power/ your higher power and being in a foreign land, where everything from the language, cuisine, the customs even other fellow black people are just so different. I’ve had to really tap into me, constantly checking that I’m still grounded and reminding myself why I am here.

Before I left SA, for a good year and a half my meditations and prayers were centred on ‘Lord I pray that you may move me from where I am so that I grow and really let to know myself and most importantly You.’
And because when you are true and sincerely desire something equally putting in the spiritual and physical work, God responds accordingly.
Yes, He responded ( it sounds easy right. Like have the intention and things come to be, no Sis you actually have to do the work to manifest your intentions. Check your thoughts, are you vibrating on the frequency of lack or abundance, how do you talk about your desires? When we are the business of manifestation the word ‘ I hope…’ should be replaced with ‘ I have…, I am…,)

By the way, I’m not saying have this manifestation process on lock I’m just sharing my story 🙂 also me coming to be here is based on the prayers and well wishes on my family and friends and spiritual devotees. Nonetheless, I digress.

‘When we ask for things, we must be ready to receive them both good and bad’

November-December 2018 was a really big test for me both spiritually and psychologically. I had been here for almost a month and having a jol, until the day of my 25th birthday. I remember I was wearing a Castleton green outfit with some red spicy boots, I mean I felt the Solange in me. I was happy. It was my birthday and I was out at a popular club here with my new friends. But I was so empty. I looked around and asked myself did I really come all The way to Asia to do and see the same things I left back in SA. Club shit. You ALL know club shit. The fakeness of class, the parading of fake opulence, all of the sexual energy mostly heartbreaking is the low vibration of consciousness. I was like ‘ need to vibrate higher, do things that Actually make you happy and never allow yourself to be in spaces that remove you from your mission of self-realization’ That is a promise I made to myself, mid-2 Chains verse ‘ She got a big booty so I call her big booty’

(I still go clubbing, I mean for my sanity and to see fellow brown people. I do but I’m more mindful when I do it now, understanding the energy in the space and protecting its influence on my consciousness, yikes. Nthabi really? Deep much)

Fast forward to 2019, in my quest for self-realization, building a stronger relationship with God and vibrating higher by the grace I take a pilgrimage in India. India changed my life. It really bought my daily mantra to half-a-circle. Side note: I am Krishna Conscious which is a Vaishnava-Hindu faith and I converted in whilst I was in university and India as the birthplace of Lord Krishna is very important in our faith and to be given an opportunity to take a pilgrimage in my lifetime and so ‘quickly’ was a blessing.

It was at the point whereby I was kneeling down on the river bank of mother Ganga did I fully feel and connect with the words ‘decisions are divinely curated’ because who would have thought, a girl with big dreams to travel the world, dig deeper and sit at the lap of God literally would be here. Doing exactly that.

I’m still in the journey of self-realization, travel and cultivating God-Consciousness. Beijing as a city full of all kinds of opportunities and deep-rooted Maya (illusionary energy) is making this process so interesting and necessary. I still stand by the fact that I am not here by chance, I will find what I am searching for and come full circle because

 ‘I am lead by the spirit and my decisions are divinely curated’


Written by: Nthabiseng Mohale

2 Comments Add yours

  1. everydayjoyandme says:

    This was very interesting and may be one of my favourite openings ever ‘those who know me from when I had my thumb in my mouth’.


  2. When you move in your light, the universe responds accordingly’ This line opened my soul. Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey. Very empowering.


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