I stumbled upon a piece of paper I wrote back in 2011 which listed the fears of 18 year old me. I must say I had some legit fears; Would I go to the right University? Would I end up being alone but my favourite from the list is definitely fearing that the world would not be able to handle me.

The last fear showed me that this 18 year old girl was BOLD. She knew she had something to offer the world & instead about worrying how the world might diminish her she was worried for it.

Fast forward a good 7 years later & fears have changed add the fact that the world has humbled me with it’s life lessons but I somehow seem more determined now ( a quiet type determination) I might add.

I’m really in a “either it will work and that’s great or it won’t and that’s one more thing to learn from”.

I went through a period where I lost my zest for exploring anything for about 3 years. Fear and I had regular conversations actually we were in a committed relationship. I felt stuck. I’d think of great ideas & how to execute them but my toxic partner Fear would have none of it. This some how changed can’t say how but it did, the train track changed & it began with this here blog.

So like what is fear?

A feeling induced by perceived danger or threat which can ultimately cause a change in behaviour.

Fear is a primative human emotion that is meant to warn us of the presence of danger and was critical to the survival of our ancestors but our minds have adapted this emotion to modern world problems.To be fair Fear has a bad reputation even though it started off as being one of the good guys.

Fear can be a positive or a negative depending on you.

What are the causes of fear?

Unfortunately there is no straightforward answer ,scientists are struggling to figure out fear if is a sort of behaviour or something our brains are physically wired to. Also fear can be subjective seeing as we are all unique & so are our experiences.

Here are a few ways we can try combat this internal monster:

Be aware that these different methods may or may not work for you.

But for example if you fear being around new crowds of people cause you may be scared of feeling wkward or out of place then make it part of your diary to go once a month to an activity you may enjoy with a friend and set the goal to interact with at least one person there. Do this continuously until you feel more comfortable being in new spaces or talking to people.

It’s obviously not going to be easy but is it worth you not being happy?

What realistic steps can you take to control your fears?

With time my fears have changed and for the most part I thought that I couldn’t control things. I mean I can’t control it if I might fail but I can control what I do to attain my dreams and goals and as long as I keep doing my part the universe is more receptive to respond positively to my efforts.

My faith is beginning to trump my fears and this has been an intentional thought and action process.

You might want to listen to this song just to inspire you to “Fetch your life.”



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