Are you slacking?

I can’t even begin to understand how on earth this year is moving so quickly. We are already in March and I had to do a realistic healthy living check and well let’s just saying I’m been grabbing more of the chocolate & oil drenched fries then the good old apple (who’s with me?).

My eating and lack of proper exercise has honestly been questionable, throw in bad sleeping habits, me moving my life in between two cities and you can already tell that nothing good was happening for me.

I’ve finally settled back home and took the time to relook at my schedule for exercise ,eating and sleep patterns.

Also to those taking part in Lent , I hope this season of your spiritual journey manifests what you want it.

I won’t sit back here and lie but Lent is a big driving force in why I’m so focused on eating right and exercising and been watching some tarot readings for my sign and a shift to mind and body was mentioned over ten thousand times.

I lost the zest for staying on course also cause I was in YOLO mode just wanted to do what would make me happy more so than anything else and now that I’ve binged all the unhealthy things I am sparked with new energy to get back on track.

I’m going to be listing things that I’m re-incorparating into my schedule and the benefits of each.

Get your pens and paper ready:

1. Daniel Fast: I’m sure many of you have heard of this fast, it’s both a spiritual fast as much as it is about food. This is also very driven by me taking part in Lent. So a quick breakdown of what you CAN eat; fruits, vegetables, grains (oats, wheat bread, brown rice etc) , beans , nuts, seeds, healthy fats, almond/soy milk and only liquid you can drink is water.

Benefits of the Daniel Fast:

  1. Promotes healthy digestion and elimination.
  2. Supports body detoxification.
  3. Promotes weight loss and healthy energy levels.

2. Get your 8 hours of sleep: I hate waking up in a mood or sluggish cause I just didn’t rest enough. I realised my sleeping patterns have been all over the place for a month so finally went to the doctor and got prescribed pills (but it’s a temporary solution to what I hope is not a permanent problem. I also downloaded the ‘Runtastic Sleep App’ it helps you track your sleep and takes into account other factors that could be affecting you dozing off. Check it out.

Benefits of a good sleeping pattern:

  1. Helps you stay at a healthy weight.
  2. Lowers your risk of serious health problems.
  3. Reduces stress and improves your mood.

3. Where is your water bottle? : You honestly have no business being dehydrated. It’s not a cute look, lips begin to crack, your skin turns against you, you are literally becoming a walking zombie. Drink up your water humans. If you are really that bad there are water apps that can help track your intake and reach your target.

Benefits of drinking H2O:

  1. Flush out toxins.
  2. Lower your risk of serious health problems.
  3. Reduce stress and improve your mood.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar : You’ve probably heard of ACV and just like you I thought it’s a quick trick to get us to buy another product and spend coins. Well saw it make the rounds again this year and now I’m trying it. Just add a tablespoon of ACV to 4/5 parts of water and drink on an empty stomach. This is still new to me so will definitely track any changes it could make…

Benefits of ACV:

  1. Can increase good cholesterol & maintain a healthy heart.
  2. Protects you from harmful bacteria.
  3. With regular, daily consumption can reduce belly fat (we shall see 👀).

5. Break a sweat: learn to fall in love with exercising. I personally am not a fan of gym, home workouts treat me better but there are so many different types of workouts one can do that will fit your daily lifestyle and make you excited to move your body. Don’t give up, I swear you will fall in love with seeing your body glisten from sweat (haha, “sweat is sexy”).

I’m currently using two apps: Jump rope to 2.5k and the BeFit app (loving them both so far).

Benefits of exercising:

  1. Helps manage your weight better.
  2. Reduces the risk of chronic disease.
  3. Increases your energy levels, helps with relaxation and sleep quality.

6. Pose for the camera: I always encourage people to take pictures or videos of themselces throughout their workout journey. The scale can lie a lot but pictures don’t and it’s not only great motivation for yourself to keep going but serves as a realistic reminder of where you started and what your hard work can do.

Share your tips and tricks of how you have been keeping motivated or the changes you made that have impacted you physically.



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  1. says:

    All great ideas! My husband is into the Apple Cider Vinegar for so many reasons pertaining to health. I went to see a spiritual psychic and she highly recommends it too – I really have to look into that more.


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