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2018 ended of or rather was the beginning of a new chapter in my life that I had been avoiding to truly deal with although the situation weighed heavy on me for years. I hardly have a relationship with my biological father but something happened which led to us having to be in contact again but years of anger and bitterness doesn’t just go away. I remember asking God to guide me through this situation and lead me cause truly this was out of my range.

Fast forward to January 2019 and I am watching my favourite pastor on YouTube , he was introducing the word that his church members would follow for the year and that word was RELEASE. In that moment alone I knew God was talking to me and needed me to see this. So for five weeks he focused on this and I am going to share the bits of wisdom I gathered from it.

We hear the word release a lot and we often say it ourselves but let’s just recap on what it means:

1. Allow or enable escape from confinement; set free.

2. Allow something to move, act or flow freely.

3 . Remove restrictions or obligations from someone or something so that they become available for other activity.

You may be wondering release is such a broad word , how exactly do I tie it into my spiritual journey. Well there are three things that he specified when it came to release;

  1. To be released from a place of bondage – things that are tied to you but are holding you back.
  2. To be released of the perspective of bondage – you can be free from what has once tied you but you mind might not.
  3. To be released into the promise of the blessing – essentially God wants to gift you with way more abundance then you can see.

Once we are released we can then find healing and be able to move forward in our lives.

The thing about releasing what has been holding you back is that it won’t be an easy process. It will be messy ,it will be tough and it definitely will be public. There is no need to hide areas of your life that you from need healing. Your problems are not a punishment but rather a platform for God’s power to work in your life.

This sounds very airy fairy so here are some practical steps you can take to get free but this requires you to be fully honest with yourself :

  • Write down a list of things you need releasing from, example; addictions , anger, bitterness etc.
  • Reflect on each thought and identify the source of it
  • Identify what triggers you when it comes to each thought.
  • Are you able to find a positive in the situation ? ( Every cloud has a silver lining)
  • NB: learn to accept and acknowledge your past.
  • Create affirmations that will counteract the negative thoughts.
  • Most importantly practice patience and mindfulness.

We have conditioned ourselves to think we act a certain way because that is just who we are but what if your baggage has begun to define you? Do you not want to be set free from it all or atleast some of it?

This is not going to be a one day process or even a week it might take a year or more but it will be so worth it. My heart pumps with glee when I think about the person I will be at the end of this. When I have dealt with each shackle that had kept parts of me chained. To walk in a lighter spirit that allows me to redefine myself the way I want.

My list of baggage scares me cause I have to tackle a lot of things I suppressed and the list is still growing but I made a counter list right beside it of the blessings I want God to release me into and that keeps me excited and motivated to keep going through this.

What do you need releasing from?

Do you really want to heal from it?

If you would like to watch the sermons yourself just go to YouTube and type in ‘Transformation Church”. ☺️.



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  1. sugisays says:

    Yes! Thinking about what no longer serves us is a good practice to have. Great read!


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