I love me


Thought this would be a great day to do a post on love and not the love we give others but the love we give or lack of it to ourselves.

We can all sing along to Beyonce’s ‘Me, myself and I’ but do we actually get the concept of loving ourselves as we truly should?

We will hear the term self-love and think practicing self-care here and there and saying cute little affirmations is enough when in all honesty it doesn’t even begin to cut the surface.

I’m not going to write this and say I completely love myself cause if we being honest there are days I wonder why I was even made the way I am. I know it’s a journey to get there so because I am no expert on this I decided to research on questions we can use to evaluate where our self-love really is and how we can practice getting better at it.

Q’s :

  • Do you love yourself enough to forgive yourself?
  • What toxic thoughts and behaviours do you need to let go off?
  • Do you feed your soul whatever it truly needs in order to thrive?
  • Do you love yourself to commit to your decisions?
  • Are you consistently expanding your mind by learning and experiencing new things?
  • Are you living in the moment, daily?
  • Do you affirm your self love by nourishing your body with nutrient-rich foods and exercise?
  • Do you get enough rest?
  • Are you peace? If not how are you planning on getting yourself there?
  • What do you love and value about yourself?
  • How are you going to show love to yourself today?

I promise I am not trying to attack you with these questions but in order for true self love to be present we need to do some dreadful work in the introspection department.

So you’ve asked yourself these questions and have gaged where you are but how do you evolve from where you currently are here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Become mindful: know what you think, feel and want.
  2. Act on what you need vs what you want: focusing on what you need will change your automatic toxic behaviour traits.
  3. Practice good self care: take better care if your basic needs.
  4. Set boundaries: set limits or say no to what depletes of you as a person.
  5. Protect yourself : have the right people around you and cut off those that dim your shine.
  6. Forgive yourself : there are no failures if you have learnt from your mistakes.
  7. Live intentionally: live with purpose and design.

♥️Respect your uniqueness and allow your authenticity. ♥️

Never forget to celebrate yourself and work on who you are now and want to be.

Never forget that loving yourself is the foundation to being able to love others.

Happy day of sharing and showing love 😘.



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  1. jessierenea says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post 🙂 very thought provoking and also empowering!! Great Post !! https://jessierenea.com/10-important-ways-to-practice-self-love


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