We would all love to travel the world whether it be alone or with our favourite people but let’s be honest the money for long lavish trips is nowhere to be found ( for now, gotta remain positive).

But that doesn’t mean you can take a trip to clear your mind and create new memories…I introduce micro-tripping.

Micro-tripping is set to be the new wave for us budding travelers. Simply put it’s weekend getaways , which means you save some money and still get to experience the world you live in and hopefully more often then just one long overseas trip.

I’m going to give some tips on how to plan your own bite sized travel:

  1. Pick a date for your trip and stick to it: prepare a date whether it be a month or a few weeks in advance. Diarise it! This gives yourself or your other travel companions realistic planning down and of course fun in counting down.
  2. Set your budget: be very honest with yourself and others in terms of what you can afford for the trip. This will help in planning where you guys stay, transportation and what activities you can take part in without being broke.
  3. Location, location , location: working within your budget can help you determine where to go and also where you will stay. This will help you tackle your creative side and find some gems in your province. Finding accomodation has been made easy with apps like AirBnb, fine affordable and comfortable living options.
  4. Mobility: this is especially important if you don’t have a car at your disposal. How will you get there ? Bus, plane? And when you arrive at your destination does the area make use of apps like Uber to get around with?
  5. Plan a basic itinerary: you will want to make the most of your trip so Google experiences in the place you want to travel to. This will also help you pack the right outfits (haha)
  6. Enjoy it! : You only have a few days on your trip , so less phone action and more interaction. Take time for yourself, you deserve this break.

My friend and I planned our own little trip outside our city and were lucky enough to be joined by a friend who just came back in the country for a holiday, here are a few snaps :

P.S: Thank you to Ntsiki and Nthabi for a beautiful time ♥️.

Share your favourite micro-trips or suggest places to go.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Amogelang Precious says:

    Great tips babe, thank you ☺️ I’m ready to plan my next trip


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