Happy new year!

There is nothing as beautiful as the feeling of having a clean state to begin with and I hope this is what a new year means for most of us. A chance to improve on what has already happened and improve our lives in all aspects.

This post however isn’t about the new year , I am currently typing this on a bus heading back to Joburg from my family holiday (a much needed break, I must say) but its about a sermon I was listening to today by Pastor Sarah Jake Roberts called ‘The Sequel”.

In the sermon she takes a look at Matthew 27: 63-65, to give a short synopsis it’s basically about Jesus being placed in the tomb and closed up after his crucifixion only for him to rise three days later.

The main message behind the sermon was that 2018 came with many tombstones for most of us. We felt defeated in different areas, we shed some tears and lots of unexpected things took place which emotionally, mentally, spiritually took a toll on us. Humanity came on the attack for us and left us feeling pretty hopeless placing us in these tombs, but from the scripture we realise that though Jesus was in a tomb and humanity thought they defeated him he was preparing himself for his rebirth. He was getting ready to comeback stronger then before. He was getting ready to conquer.

2018 can be seen as the ‘Tombstone” year and 2019 the “Womb” where a rebirthing of who you are is taking place and will be exposed to the world. Where all those tough lessons have led to a foundation being laid and now you carry with you new revelations, new wisdom, new annoitment.

It’s time for a conversion to take place but this can only happen if you look at what hurt you and say to God; “You know what I needed that. I needed people leaving me, I needed that one thing to fall out to remind myself to center my heart and soul with you (God) once again. To help me strengthen my weakness. To not be dependent on earthly things but on my spiritual relationship with you.”

Yesterday almost took you out but you are here today and standing stronger then before. More aware of who you are and who’s you are.

So I challenge us to take what almost wiped us out last year and take it to God ,for a lesson had to be learnt, a new strength in us had to be activated and a rebirth in us had to take place for us to fulfill the purpose he has given us.

Don’t deny God the chance to help you deal with what almost broke you for through him your weakness can be a strength.

Let us not allow temporary defeats to become permanent and take us away from what we are truly meant to do on this earth.

I encourage you all to spend more time with God and build what seems to be broken and destroyed within you. You will not be the same person you were before the pain but just know that if that couldn’t break you then you are stronger then you realise. You have grown more then you might truly notice and it’s time you get to know the new you.

Go ahead and jam ,Candi Station_Hallelujah just to remind yourself that you gotta praise him until your situation turns around.



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