Double The Lessons.

I have been spending my last few days of the year with my amazing twin cousins who are respectively 2 years and 7 months and on our family holiday I have observed a couple of behaviours and set patterns that we (adults) could learn from them.

Bare in mind I am writing this excusing most of the riff raff that comes with adulting but the basic idea is what we can all take with us into the upcoming new year.

  • Sleep early in order to wake up early. I struggle with this but I have realised how much energy they have through their daily activities and that is simply because they have given their bodies enough rest.
  • Set meal times , stick to it and enjoy what you eat. I am trying to find ways to live a healthier lifestyle and maybe adding a certain time to eat is something I can add on.
  • Do more of what makes you happy. Just because they are twins doesn’t mean they are joined at the hip, each has their unique personality trait and naturally this makes them different. They always somehow find a way in each day to do what makes them personally happy.
  • Continue to show love and affection no matter what. Most of the times it comes back to you ten folds more.
  • Each day is worth being excited for and giving it your all. I have lost the lust for life over the years but I genuinely want to gain it back. I want to actively participate more in making small or big strides in my life then just letting it happen to me.
  • CRY ABOUT IT! Then move on. They can honestly throw the biggest tantrums / meltdowns and in less then 3 mins continue as if nothing happened, because once it’s over it’s over. So feel the crap emotions fully all the way through so that you can move forward with the logical part of yourself and find a solution.

Last but not least , I have been bombarded with Disney songs but one of their current fav’s has been Let it go by Elsa from the movie Frozen. This song has unashamedly made it into my playlist now but the message is what I really want to carry in my life moving forward and that is to let go of what is holding you from moving into your destiny, your desired life.

I just want the new year to be entered on a different energy. One more open to change , to peace , to forgiveness , to growth, to joy. I owe it to myself.

It’s time to see what I can do.

To test the limits and break through.

No right, no wrong, no rules for me.

I’m free.

Let it go, let it go.

To a year filled with more positive energy.



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