Q & A

I have been obsessing over a YouTube channel called “The Skin deep” they are a creative studio and publisher which aims to explore human emotion + intimacy in the digital age.

The channel looks at all kinds of different relationships and has them asking each other questions which they draw out from a deck.

This got me feeling like doing a little Q & A of my own, so here goes nothing:

1: What do most people think about you that is not true?

That it’s easy for me to step into unknown environments and spark conversations with people. It’s a daunting task and these days my anxiety literally sits on my neck when facing such situations.

2.Do you think the convenience of technology is worth the loss of privacy that comes with it?

Nothing is worth losing your privacy over.

3. Is it okay to sacrifice one life to save ten? If you said yes, would you change your answer if the one life was a friend’s life and the ten were strangers? If no, why not?

No, I firmly believe that if it your time to go on this earth then that’s that on that and why does the quantity of lives ‘saved’ make it somewhat okay to still lose a life?

4.Who would you most like to sit next to on a 10-hour flight and why?

Lol Rihanna and really, I don’t see why I must even explain why.

5.You have a R1000 to burn, all your friends are busy, and you have the whole day to yourself, what do you do?

A spa date gets a great looking dress and a bomb ass meal.

6.What makes you say” What was I thinking?” when you look back on your life?

Some the dates I have gone on more so the people I had these dates with lol.

7.What inscription do you want on your gravestone?

She loved and lived fiercely.

8.If you could change one bad quality of yours, what would it be?

That I can hold grudges and in turn become spiteful.

I hope you will give a go at this and maybe even share your answers with me.



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