The tea on living alone

I was probably the most eager human being ever the minute I began my current job just over a year ago, I knew for sure I wanted to rent an apartment and live alone for the first time ever but here are some things I wasn’t too aware of, that thanks to my family helped making my first apartment still a great experience.

1.We all know about rent but what about the other expenses? Deposit for the apartment, paying someone to help move your stuff, buying prepaid electricity etc?

I honestly hadn’t saved enough to pay for both rent and deposit so my mom kindly helped me out. My aunt then signed as my surety (basically meaning if I couldn’t make payment then she would be liable to do so) making it very clear that she would only do this for three months after that I was on my own.

2. Moving all my stuff – Get ready to call all your troops if you want a seamless move in. I was lucky enough to contact a friend for help with the heavy stuff and he had a mutual person who could rent out their bakkie to me for the day. Mom’s was helping set up at my place cause your disorganized girl was still running around. BASICALLY, get a great team to help with your moving.

3. The next things I am going to list are all things I already had but are easy to forget to add as part of your big ticket expenses; A fridge, microwave, bed /sleeper couch and a stove (my apartment already came with one). Unless you want to be living off take-away’s and not having a place to store your goodies you might need to evaluate getting these.

4.The next are small items that will come in handy whether you are aware of it now or a week into your new place;

Kitchen: pots, cutlery, plates and glass.

Bathroom: Bath sets (mat and lid cover), shower curtain (if needed), toilet brush and a towel.

Bedroom: Curtains, duvet set and a mat.

NB: Cleaning detergents.

Now these are the most basic of basics but also very important so Shout Out to my Mother for being 10 steps ahead of me cause honestly, I flopped in most of these items.

5. Get to know your environment especially your security they will probably be your go to for help.

6. You will become a DIY person by force and I am sure you will realize how strong you are once you start moving around items or must put together furniture items.

7. Things will pick up after time. The first three months or so are probably going to be hardest on your pocket so you might need to retreat from going out act, but nothing beats coming to a place you genuinely enjoy, it’s worth it.

Let me know of the important things being in your first apartment taught you and what you wished you would have done differently.



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