A new routine?


If you know me personally then you already know that a set routine is really is not my thing. I am the snooze Queen when it comes to alarms, the homegirl of “dishes?  yea not right now I can do that tomorrow” and my fav “wow your skin could look so much better and you have all these products (looks at them, tilts head and walks right out of my bathroom). I however wanted to embark on a new way of living in November that would force me to look at bad habits and try set long term ones that would , A: make me more productive and B: make me happier.

Here are a few ways I have made changes this week that I hope to keep up with:

  1. I have printed a habit tracker – on Sundays I have vouched to sit down and set goals in regards to my eating, exercising, blog work, affirmations I would like to upkeep for the week and my spiritual time with God. I won’t lie guys this has helped me so much, I tick off every day what I have achieved, and this holds me accountable and reinforces that I can do this.

  1. I have written out my month’s eating plan -YES! You read right. Eating out of control happens because I don’t have a plan, but now things have changed (Oprah Winfrey smirk). I have written out my breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks that I can have during the week.

  1. Preparation of food – It’s all great to have a plan written out but what’s the point if you have not prepared it? Sunday I meal prepped my lunch and dinner and placed them in containers, breakfast was a smoothie mix which I made every morning and snacks were popcorn which I prepared the night before. Having all this done made getting ready for me a breeze and took the stress out of “what am I eating tonight?” and lastly, a girl gets tired, so I saved some much-needed energy for my evening workouts.

 4. Working out – Well I fell off the bandwagon of being a fitness bunny for a good month, so it’s been a struggle getting back into my old routine of gym, however I have now opted for homework outs which range from mostly cardio to legs and abs. I have been doing a max of 20 mins and will be increasing it to 30 mins in the upcoming week. Being active is very important to me, my corporate job doesn’t allow much movement during the day and I have been working and still am on getting a more toned and fit body.

  1. Skin care: I used the Bentonite clay powder for a mask on my face and been using a natural exfoliant body soap at night which smells amazing. I use the soap daily and will do the clay mask once a week.

  1. Evening routine: Once I have showered, prepared my food for work for the following day and my work outfit, I dedicate the last 30 -1hour of my evening to whining down. This includes a cup of green tea, writing in my gratitude journal and spending time in scripture and prayer. This has helped calm me down so much and made sleeping a bit of an ease.

PS: My morning routine is similar but instead of green tea I drink water and then have black coffee.

The one thing I have gathered from setting a routine is that it shouldn’t be too drastic from your normal day to day but also it takes a change of mindset and time management.

Tell me what forms part of your daily routine and how it helps you.



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