The Shift

I think since turning 25 just a few weeks back my heart has been set on still accomplishing some of the goals that I let slip or started prioritizing less. I’d like to say 25 has ignited a spark in me to push and try for what I want, honestly the energy and vibe I have right now feels amazing and November has become the month I try again.

I joined the gym earlier this year and anyone who knows me can vouch for me being an on again and off again workout person but this time I committed myself to a local gym and all was going well until my birthday month came and I slacked. The beauty of it is that I don’t mind that I did that, I enjoyed myself thoroughly but now I am trying to get back on the road of being snatched. I sometimes think the universe hears the oddest of request you make, I told myself that November would be back to meal prepping and gyming at least 5-6 times a week and well guess what happened.. I came back from a much-needed break this week and found that my office was about to embark on a 21-Day no carb or sugar lifestyle plan from the 1st of November [God you do want me succeed].

This will however not just be about my body and eating well, I want to improve my spiritual practices more and just daily things to make my life a littles easier and fuller. Iwant to end of the rest of this year on a positive note, one that will set up 2019 on the right foot.

So how will I not fall off the bandwagon over the next two months? I have a quick guide I think might just help me and maybe you:

  1. Set weekly goals every sunday – I plan to dedicate my evenings to the week ahead, and this will include me scheduling the days I workout, the meals when I blog and other bits and pieces I feel should be made a priority.
  2. Set a realistic daily to do list – the reason most of us fail is we try to do too much to soon and overwhelm ourselves. Baby steps are important. Eg: It can be starting off with 4 gym workouts a week and from there building on the amount of time spent / days as time goes on.
  3. Taking weekly photo’s of your body will help you track progress and even motivate you to continue on your journey.
  4. Use my  phone to set reminders – whether it be for meals, drinking water, praying/ meditating time, gym time etc. Those little devices are always in our hands so why not use them. Try get a tracking app where everyday you are able to record your progress and this allows for accountability on your part.
  5. Find a person or group you can chat to-when you feel like falling off or even use this platform. It’s aways nice to be around a support structure who can help you on tough days and it can make the journey more fun.
  6. Do not stress yourself for not reaching certain goals. We tend to beat ourselves up for accomplishing things and then start back sliding, you are not perfect and that is absolutely okay but remain honest and true with yourself. Be aware of what may have caused you not to hit all your goals and re-evaluate a different way of doing things the upcoming week. Failures are ways for us to learn, never forget that.
  7. Place your weekly goals somewhere where you can see them every day. This helps set your mind on track for the day and keeps you focused.
  8. I will also be taking on meditation and daily morning prayers. I have a small notebook I will be using to write down what I am grateful for each day as well as write down daily affirmations for myself. Staying connected to God is important for me when making changes, it keeps me grounded, less anxious and more positive to my interactions with the world.

Yeezy said it best : ” We only making the highlights…” and that is how I see myself finishing off this turmoil of a year by actively making highlights. 

I will be tracking my progress every week and adding what my weekly meals look like and how my spiritual journey is going. I hope you take time to shift things in your favour before the year ends. It is not too late to achieve one more goal or set yourself for a victorious 2019. Share with me your tips and tricks and what you still hope to achieve.





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