No Turning Back

“Go all the way with it. Do not back off. For once, go all the goddamn way with what matters.”

Came across this after having it saved it on my pc for 2 years and thought how appropriate for my first article. It spoke directly to how long I have taken to get this project off the ground.

Procrastination could be used as the main excuse, we could dabble around the being busy line or perhaps just not being sure about what exactly to write or start things off but honestly fear crippled me. To illustrate my point, I initially wrote this article on the 11th of Nov 2017 and I am only typing it out in Sept of 2018, yikes.

I have had this idea for a very long time (clearly) but talked myself out of it so many times, thoughts flying around in my head; “Who would bother reading this site?”, “why would they care?”. I don’t have any answers to my own questions, but I do know that this is one idea that has remained my heart for too long un-wavered and honestly was beginning to plague me, it just felt like it had to be done. It would creep back into my heart and ideas would float around for what this site should have and what purpose it could serve, and it took a sermon I was listening to for me to feel confident enough to want to give this a try.

As for asking myself, “who will care?”, I will.

I’ve grown searching for a space I am hoping this site will be, a guide of sorts of what the 20’s can look like, where other young ladies can come to learn what to do and not to do, or to just share and relate in a safe space specifically for black women. My heart is invested in this and it will be on my sleeve.

I hope this site provides a sanctuary for many to be but most importantly it will be my sanctuary to be.

So, let’s do this together, shall we?



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Keneiloe says:

    Well done for taking the leap of faith and going the whole damn way!!

    Looking forward to your next article


    1. Thando says:

      Thank you for supporting me.


  2. K says:

    Yippee.Congratulations on your first publication.I am very proud of you and I am looking forward to reading more.Keep fighting the good fight. Lots of strength, love, hugs and kisses (hopefully it’s allowed here).


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